Small, smaller, smallest

I always liked small things. I am small. At least; in comparison with all the other Dutch people. I’ve got really small feet: (European size 36) and very small hands. I live in a small country; the Netherlands ain’t exactly big,.. I grew up in the tiniest village: 3 streets and barely 500 residents. I never had big cats; only slim ones; the ones people still think they’re a kitten, even though they’re 5 years old. My house has only got two bedrooms: so it’s kinda small too. This year I got a 4 EUR Christmas tree (my son bought it) which is so tiny; the pile of presents is nearly as big. And at dinner, I always prefer the smallest spoon, for I enjoy tiny bites a lot better.

So; no wonder I started to create small art. My first one, I made in my sketchbook, as you can see at the top of this post. Then I came across some really small canvasses; which I had to have; and I enjoyed painting on it. But they aren’t as tiny as my paintings in crown caps. I really enjoy how something so small can still work as art. I love painting on the millimeter. I love how a white dot, the size of a pinprick, is enough to highlight elements in the painting.

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