Hi there! My name is Rebekka van Straalen and I live, have been raised, and been born in the Netherlands. I started this blog at the end of 2013, writing about my life as an artist.

Things you can read about in this blog (please use the menu):

  • Visiting museums

  • My own art

  • How to create art (tools / resources / tips / tutorials)

  • The artist’s life (like being an entrepeneur; which doesn’t come naturally for most artists)

  • Book reviews

  • Different art styles

  • Subjects in art

  • Artists I admire

Things you won’t read about in this blog is everything non-art. But hey; life is art; so let me entertain you with the beauty of it! So enjoy my blog!

If you like my art, you can find more of it, and maybe even buy it at my website: http://www.articated.nl

Thank you for stopping by!!

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