Gorcum’s museum

Again; a review of a museum! But; like I restyled the blog, which is all fresh and shiny since a few days, I also designed a new layout for museum reviews! I hope you like the way I created some categories on which I, from now on, value my visits at museums.

This time I went to the museum in Gorcum. It is located in the old cityhall. I wanted to go there because of the temporary exhibition; which is on food in. It is called ‘de smaak te pakken’, which translates as ‘to have the taste’.

Reachable by public transport

The first categorie on which I value the museum is it’s accessibility by public transport, because I usually don’t travel by car. And, I must say, the public transport in most parts of the Netherlands is organized very well, so I can reach most of the museums by public transport. Just like this one, although I had to walk 1 kilometre from the bus station to the museum, and it felt I walked more than that.


Some museums are very busy, this one wasn’t. I wasn’t the only one in the museum, but I, in no way, had to wait in line to get a ticket.

Interesting works of art

I went to Gorinchem to see the temporary exhibition, and I must say that the temporary exhibition was the most interesting part of all to see. The exhibition on food had artworks of all kinds. There was performance art (albeit no performers; they only will do their performance on the last day of the exhibition: the 10th of march 2019), paintings in all styles, sculptures in bronze, photography, installation art, conceptual art, contemporary and post rennaisance art. The contrast of all these different styles made all of it very interesting.

I also liked the audio tour very much. The audio tour was recorded by a famous dutch writer: Ronald Giphart. He spoke, just like he writes, with a lot of passion. He kinda went bizarre on, for example, the usage of sugar: everything we eat has tons of sugar in it, and this subject was excellently portrayed by Martine Poot. She created corpora of candyfloss. Giphart pleaded for photo’s of black diabetes feet, with amputated toes on the packaging of lollypops or bottles of soda. And I couldn’t agree more.

Food, in general, is a thankful subject when you want to create art. I posted photo’s of the most remarkable works of the exhibition. In the first picture you see ‘Special sampler’, made by Peter Anton. This is some kind of reallife sculpture; very realistic and big. The whole thing was about 50 x 50 cm big. (This is a wild guess on my side, so please don’t hold me accountabe if it turns out I’m wrong on this) and the sad thing was, there was a little dust on it yet. But that, in fact, was the only downer.

On the second picture you see a work of Elvira Dik. She made this extraordinary big painting of a sandwich with sprinkles. They called it ‘hyperrealistic’, but I would ditch the ‘hyper-‘ part, for there’s no way you can mistake this painting with a photo. If only for the sticky note: it looks like the sticky note is attached to something vertical, while the plate is standing on something horizontal, and you can’t see any transition from horizontal to vertical. To me; this is a miss.

When I am talking about hyperrealistic paintings, I might talk about Tjalf Sparnaay’s work. The third photo is on his work. I love it. Sparnaay was inspired by the 16 – 17th century food still lifes, and recreated that, with 21st century food. Cool; right?

The fourth picture is a work of art created with coloring pencils. It is made by Henny Adank. I like it when people are skilled with coloring pencils, and this Henny sure is. He also was selling these drawings during the exhibition; something I never experienced in a museum! This one was for sale for 525 Euro’s.

The fifth picture is a very big painting I wish I am able to recreate one day. It reminds me of a mural. On the picture it is hard to tell the size, but it was at least 1,5 mtr. wide. Great size for a mural. Jacques van Erven painted it with egg-tempura. I think that’s classic: painting food with food.

The sixth work of art I want to discuss is without picture, because it more was an idea than something physical. It was a design, made by food designer Cloé Rutzerfeld. She had the idea to grow human meat on a human body. For consumption: yes. In this particular idea you would wear a broche on your body, which is connected to your veins, and in the broche your own stemm cells will grow to become your dinner. All is designed with the question: ‘to what extend is the consumer prepared to take responsability for the meat he wants to eat for dinner?

Great for learning

Yes: I’ve learned things, visiting the museum. They had this exhibition on the marters of Gorcum. These were a few Catholic clerks, who were held captive, tortured and murdered by the Geuzen. Remember my last post? When I told about my visit of the Stedelijk museum Alkmaar? The people in Alkmaar are very proud they hold back the Spanish siege. They did that with the help of the Geuzen: some protestant guys from England. So, I actually never considered that the Geuzen could ever be the bad guys. But what they did to the Catholic clerks was far beyond defending their right on executing their own religion. It was brutal. There’s just no other word for it. The picture is a very good painting on the murder of the marters of Gorcum.


I most certainly was entertained by the audio tour, belonging to the temporary exhibition. The museum did a great job in hiring Ronald Giphart for doing the vocals.

I got inspired

I will give the museum four out of five for inspiring me. Most of the times I visit a museum, I get inspired. That, for me, is the whole purpose of visiting a museum. I want them to give me ideas on new projects, on new subjects, on another way of looking at things. I want to learn new techniques and see how different kinds of materials are used. I want to see how other artists think and I want to see the result of their imagination. So it must be really bad if I don’t get inspired by visiting a museum. But sometimes, I don’t only get inspired by beholding the artworks in the museum, I sometimes also get inspired by the little things; the stuff that did not really belong in the spotlight: the stuff that was not highlighted. For example: I particularly liked the paragraph of this artist: Arnout van Albada. Just look at the photo, and you’ll see what I mean. Am I gonna change my paragraph? No. But there was something else at the museum that caught my eye and attention, and triggered my curiousity. I will tell you all about it in the next blog post. 😀 don’t worry; it won’t take long before I’ll post it; I already started to write my next post.

Accessible for the disabled

The website says it is. So I trust the website. I did not see an elevator though, but since I’m not disabled myself, I did not need any. The museum is on three different floors, so an elevator is a must.

Friendly staff and bring the kids

I did not bring any kids, and I did not put the staff to the test. But the staff asked me very kindly if I would like to put my backpack in a locker, instead of telling me it was forbidden to bring my backpack in to the museum. I like the little, subtle difference in tone here, so therefore I’ll give them a five out of five for being friendly.

And about bringing the kids: I always think you should bring kids with you to a museum. They look at things with different eyes and make you wonder things you didn’t wonder before. But this museum also had a scavenger hunt, belonging to the temporary exhibition. Sometimes I blame myself for being shy, and not ask for the scavenger hunt, even though I’m without kids. I would have love to try that one.


The temporary exhibition made my stay at the museum. It certainly showed some skills and effort, and I must give a big kudo to the ones who organized the whole thing. I am really interested in the next exhibition: on trees. I love trees. But it really is a downer that this exhibition on food is going to end soon. Really soon. It’ll have it’s last day on the 10th of march, 2019. So I certainly think you should go. Take the effort: go to Gorinchem, and enjoy the performance art, which is only there on the 10th,.. so; make me jealous. See and experience all that,.. before it’s gone.

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