My own collage

In 2012, my boyfriend and I decided to move in together. We found a nice home in Hoorn, the Netherlands, and agreed on many intererior subjects, like the color of the paint on the wall and the furniture we needed to buy. We also agreed that we needed paintings on the wall; preferably mine. So I started a plan on decorating those walls.

For one wall, I was inspired by the old, 17th century, art collector’s walls. They, of course, didn’t hang just one painting on their wall; their wall was filled with paintings of all different sizes and different painters: So lovely.

I decided I could do something just like that, but,.. all paintings would be of the same size and all by me. I was about to hang this collage, not on the entire wall, but above the dining table. And yes; I planned to do these paintings in a minimum time span.

We moved in together in October 2012, and in 2013 the first painting of the collage was finished: a ladybug on a snowdrop: I named it ‘Not entirely impossible’.

It took me about a year before I added another painting to the collage. It was a painting of the Colloseum in Pula (Croatia). And, for some strange reason, this ‘one-painting-a-year-thing’ became a habit. I liked the idea of my collage being some kind of time tracker; for the amount of finished paintings illustrates how many years we live together. So, every year I add one painting to the collage. In fact: for the last five years, I reserved december the 31st to finish a painting for the collage; because I’m an expert in procrastinating, and the year can’t end without a new piece added to the collage. But, if I don’t speed up, I still need nine more years to finish the collage. That’s okay though. I like the ritual and the process as much as the result. The collage is gonna be awesome.

Below you’ll see some collage-pieces, and the last picture shows how the collage is thus far. In that picture you can see that I already made a head start with the painting of 2019: it’s the painting in the upper right. No; it ain’t finished yet: hope you see that.

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