Facebook removed my ad?

Most of my mural assignments, I get because of Facebook. My sister in law pointed out the marketplace function of Facebook. I tried, and I immediately got a ton of reactions. The first time. The second time I got less, but I got some assignments. So Facebook turned out to be very helpful in getting me some work.

Since 2019; I, however, did not get any response on my ads! I posted three ads on Facebook marketplace; and no single soul responded. I honestly didn’t know what happened, and I didn’t know how to check on my ads; because Facebook’s marketplace is one big maze. (Not only Facebook’s marketplace; all of Facebook, actually.) I knew that something most have gone wrong; but all I could think of is just posting another ad. And still nobody responded. I didn’t get any messages; not from Facebook nor from potential clients.

Then I posted some shoes on the Facebook marketplace. My son is turning 16 pretty soon, and he’s growing extremely fast. The shoes were too small and he barely even worn them. As I posted the shoes I saw this:

The’re problems with the article: it says. Okay; you could have told me earlier; Facebook!!! And when I clicked it. I got this:

Resigned: the’re problems with the article. Again: how on earth? What’s wrong? And why did’nt Facebook sent me a message?

It asked me to read the policies, so I could see why my ad was removed and if I disagreed, I could fill in a form. So I read the policies, and found out it was illegal to sell drugs. But; I don’t. It’s illegal to sell guns; but I don’t. It’s illegal to sell animals,.. I don’t!! So I clicked the link; because I wanted to fill in the form. And then I saw this:

So; my ads were removed because of a picture of a mural of a little baby bunny?? What’s wrong with selling a mural of a bunny?? Did Facebook really think this was a real bunny I wanted to sell? The algoritm apparently did. How annoying, but: how funny! I guess I should see it as a compliment. But,.. on the same time I’m worried on placing new ads on Facebook. Will it remove my ads again if I use the bunny picture, again? I most certainly want to add the bunny picture; I’m proud of it. It would be stupid if I cannot post an ad with that picture in it,.. but I guess that’s how Facebook works!

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