Drawings of subjects people dislike

Not all people like everything I draw. And that’s okay. Sometimes that actually is my intention. For example when I take part in a drawing challenge, and I have to draw something I dislike. And sometimes I draw sensitive topics. And sometimes I draw things people think is a sensitive topic,.. but it actually isn’t. Like yesterday, when I drew a portrait on fieldmarshall Erwin Rommel. Erwin Rommel was a nazi. And if you see the drawing, the nazi-emblem on his collar might be all you need to see to reject my choise in drawing subjects.

My friend told me this morning that it would have been a good idea to explain the subject, when I posted my drawing online. Because now; people might think I sympathize with the nazi ideas. But I actually don’t see how people could think I would. I sure can’t. For first; Erwin Rommel participated in a conspiracy against Hitler,.. and second; I am allowed to draw any subject I want; right? Whether I like the subject or not. Whether you like the subject or not. I do not think I need to explain my choice of subject; or do I?

When I draw chicks, packed in a box, or when I draw a young boy with a riffle gun, or when I make a sketch of a sea turtle entangled in plastic ropes; I draw them because I dislike the subject. I don’t have to explain myself. Or do I?

It made me doubt for a few seconds. Till I realized who I am: I’m an artist. I create art. That’s it. That’s all. I don’t throw my opinion out in the open when I create art. I just create art. I just throw my art out in the open. Some people just might not get that. But I think these are the people who just don’t have developed an understanding on what art is. Or did I just threw my opinion out in the open with that statement?

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