I; the mural artist

Murals. Or should I say; big, bigger, biggest? For it’s the opposite of the lovely miniature art I like to create.

I started being a mural artist, when I got the idea to create a Darthvader painting on the wall of my sons bedroom. The painting turned out to be pretty damn good. I still enjoy it. When it was finished, I was asked by my sister in law, to do a painting on the bedroom walls of their children. And I was asked to do another Darthvader painting on the bedroom wall of a friend. This made me think that creating paintings on bedroom walls could become some kind of carrière. So actually, that’s when I decided I would become a mural artist. Little did I know about the walls people wanted me to paint on; I rarely do bedroom walls, actually.

What did I do since then? I got my first assignment in 2017: Elsa and Oscar from Frozen (the Disney movie). My second assignment was a painting I wrote about on this blog. It was on a garage door, and it took me quite some effort to finish this one in time, since I didn’t paint on such a wobbly surface before. I actually never realised that the bumps would make it hard to paint a straight line. And so I learned about the hardest thing (I think) on being a mural artist: to make a guess about the required time for finishing the piece. I Often wish I calculated more time for a piece, but,.. I also learn. A lot.

I did some more outdoor paintings. I was asked to do one on a stone brick wall; for which I had to call my father’s nephew, who is an artist as well, to ask for some advise on what paint to use. It turned out to be very simple: it isn’t about the paint, it is more about the surface. If the surface is good, than the painting will hold. This too was quite a thing when I was asked to do a painting on a sea container. The container was a bit rusty, so it had to be threated with a special anti-rust primer before painting.

The sea container is my biggest project still. It was fun to do, but a bit scary as well; because I found it VERY hard to guess the amount of time I would need, or how many spray paint cans I should order. At first, I thought I could finish it within some 3 days,.. but it turned out, I needed 7!! (That actually was because I was asked to do another, smaller sea container as well,.. so,…)

I think my most fun piece was Dobby. I painted it on my pantry wall when a mural appointment was cancelled. It turned out really good. But I think the bunny painting also is one of my favorites. Both paintings are realism, and I guess I enjoy that style the most. And,.. the bunny painting was created on the wall of a little girl’s bedroom; and she was soooooo happy!! That really was awesome! I like to make people happy, especially children.

Another realism piece I actually am quite proud of, is the Ozzy (Osbourne) trash polka painting. I did this one on a tattoo shop wall. I did some more paintings in that tattoo shop, because in return I was taught how to tattoo. This painting was totally my idea. The owner gave me the free hand in picking a nice idea for this wall. I used to be a big fan of Ozzy, so I therefore came up with this idea. When I was younger, I had made a graphite drawing of Ozzy on my bedroom wall. That mural doesn’t exist anymore, but I sure hope this one does,.. Although I can’t tell, for, sad enough, I will not be there anymore.

The latest mural I made was a beach scene. I found out that landscapes are one of the most difficult paintings. I actually never knew. I learned a lot while painting, but I still want to learn more. For it was very hard for me to create waves in the sand. The client really would have love to see waves in the sand, but it was too hard for me to accomplish that. I’m kinda sad about that, so I think I’m gonna practice on some more beach scenes in the near future.

But first: I am about to do some how to train your dragon murals!! I am a bit of a fan of the movies, so I made a call on Facebook; I wanted to do a Toothless, or Hiccup, or Astrid mural so bad I was willing to give a huge discount! Within a few hours already 3 people responded. So I’m really excided about these assignments! It ain’t exactly realism, but hey; it’s Toothless!! Nothing beats Toothless.

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