So this is Christmas,..

When it is Christmas, people send their best wishes via Christmas cards. Only two days ago I realized that it would be smart if Articated would send Christmas cards too. I got a bunch of clients this year: for most of them I made a mural, but I also was assigned to paint the portrait of a cat on canvas, and made some tattoo designs. All of them were lovely assignments. I’m so happy people want me to create art for them! I figuren I should let those people know that I’m thankful for making it possible for me to do this job. And yes; most Dutch people are too lame to come up with anything different than a postcard for Christmas. 😋 I’m no different, so that’s what I decided to do.

Since the Dutch postal services are extremely busy in the days before Christmas; they want you to post your Christmas cards at least one week in advance. Therefore I was in a hurry to create something, especially if I wanted the card to arrive before the holidays. So as soon as I had the idea of making cards, I started drawing. And this is what I came up with: to all of you who made it possible for me to paint. To all of you who trusted my artistical talent; who have a kick-ass painting on their wall; made by me: I love you all!

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