why henna is cool

Some time ago I made a tattoo design for my cousin. She really wanted to have all the initials of her children on her skin, plus 3 stars, representing her unborn children. 

I made this design, which she was really happy about. But after a year she still had doubts on wether to take the tattoo or not. (Mainly because her husband hates tattoos) 

So she desided she wanted a less permanent tattoo. Just to get used to the idea, make up her mind, and maybe convince her husband. 

So I gave her this henna tattoo. I hope it will make her decide on taking the tattoo,.. or not. A semi permanent tattoo is very handy for this purpose.

Because I had plenty of henna paste left, and I was invited to a birthday party of my twin-nieces, I also drew a few tattoos at the party. Making it a henna party! Henna is so much fun! My nieces were so excited! They were getting a ‘real’ tattoo and tried to sit very still! So cute! My nephew, son, and brother in law, also wanted one, and I still have henna paste left! 

So I put it in the freezer. Hope it won’t harm the structure or durability. The henna paste usually is old after 3 days, and it is not to be kept in the fridge,.. dont know why, … So I hope I’ll be okay when I defreeze it! Keep you posted. 

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