456 things to draw

“Do you feel like drawing, painting, use chalk, do a sculpture in clay, cut and paste, but you don’t have any inspiration? Don’t fear: 456 things to draw will give you many ideas. Draw something you would never think of drawing. This book will pull you out of your comfort zone. In it you will find space to do 456 crazy drawing exercises on extra thick paper. The paper is suitable for all kinds of techniques. From croquettes to fruit liqueurs, from a runny nose to a root canal, from a wining child to colorful make-up techniques. These 456 new and unusual instructions will surely entertain you.”

I got this book from my mom. She saw it in the bookstore and immediately thought I should have it. And although I am very happy with it, I can’t help wondering one thing: why didn’t I think of this? The book is awesome: I certainly draw stuff I never thought of drawing, but why didn’t I think of drawing the stuff they suggest in the book? Is the book meant for becoming more creative, or is it meant for people who lack creativity?

I sure hope the book will help me become more creative. I usually just need one little idea to come up with bigger, different ideas. I think that’s what the book is supposed to do; help you think out of the box. Because that’s all you need to do to get creative: stop thinking in the way you always thought. Outside the box is where you will find new ideas. And if you go outside the box more often; new and crazy ideas will come up more easy.

But does it work? I only did two drawings in the book. (I just got it.) One of the instructions was: the day after tomorrow. Two days after I did the drawing; I had to give my students an exam, so I drew students taking an exam (so much for thinking out of the box and getting more creative,.. sigh,..). For the other drawing I was told to draw ‘speculations’. How does anyone draw speculations? The word has two meanings, so I chose the most easy meaning: “activity in which someone buys and sells things (such as stocks or pieces of property) in the hope of making a large profit but with the risk of a large loss”. And I drew the mission house in our city. This mission house is subject to speculations, and therefore abandoned and becoming a ruin more and more each day. Such a sin!

So; did I get more creative by doing these two drawings? Is the book proof I lack creativity? No, it isn’t proof I lack creativity, but I guess I still need more exciting exercises if I want to practice in becoming more creative. The book is still fun though. Thank you mom!


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