As an autodidact, nobody ever learnt me any techniques. Well, except for my great-uncle, when I was little, and the time I attended a painting-workshop, some time ago now,.. Therefore, I don’t like to call the stuff I do with my brush, techniques,… rather; ways.

I’ve got my own ways to apply highlight. For I found out that you should never underestimate the power of highlights! A painting without highlights, is a non-painting,.. it’s flat,.. non-living,..

I learned a thing or two about highlights by visiting the Vermeer-house in Delft (Holland, of course,..). He’s the ultimate master, and I don’t even try to copy his techniques,.. or maybe he as well called them ways,.. (lol) for adding highlights.

Here’s how I added highlight on some leaves:

In this first photo you can see the difference between the leaves already highlighted, and the ones I haven’t done yet.

art 19I first use a ‘0’ da Vinci red sable brush, to dot some white paint on the desired places.

art 18After that, I use a 1/4″ expression brush, to fade the white. If there  eventually still is too much white, or the white got outside the lines, I use thinner,.. I should probably be ashamed of it,.. for to me it sounds like something a painter never, ever, ever should use on his painting,.. but,.. it’s my painting,… and my ways,.. and to me it works.

art 16I never use much though,.. I put some thinner on a napkin and clean my ‘0’ brush with it. By doing that, the brush will absorb a little bit of thinner; enough to erase the excess of white.

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