Imma eat you

Day 60 on the 100 day drawing challenge: draw an ‘imma eat you’ face. What’s that??

Well, I interpreted it as a face you would put on when you’re talking to a baby: ‘You’re so adorable!! Oh yes; I’m gonna eat you!!’ But; where to find an example of an ‘imma eat you’ face, if not from the mirror?? Because I actually did not want to draw my own face,.. again,.. And google really does not have a lot of ‘imma eat you’ faces,.. not any, actually.

After a long and tough search on the internet, I found a picture of a muscular guy, with basil in his mouth,.. Not really what I was looking for, but very close,.. so I gave up the search and sticked with the muscular guy’s face.

art 79I didn’t want to draw the basil, so I had to execute creative drawing on the mouth. And that actually wasn’t easy, unfortunately. You’re probably able to see the difference between the drawing of the mouth and the drawing of the eyes.

Wait,.. if I seperate the eyes from the mouth, you’ll see,..

art 80To me, the eyes and nose are pretty realistic,.. but the mouth is more like a cartoon drawing, just because I had to invent 80% of the shape of the mouth,.. I guess I have to practice on the ‘Imma eat you’ face and cloy google with the good results, so I’ll be the master of the ‘imma eat you’ face some day!

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