charcoal 02

As you might know, I’m following a 100 day drawing challenge, and every now and then I fulfill this challenge by drawing with charcoal.

Today the challenge made me draw ‘clouds’, and since I have read some tips on drawing with charcoal, I wanted to apply them on my clouds-drawing.

art 72The first tip was to fill the paper with charcoal and start with a grey background. So I did,.. But the background wasn’t solid grey enough for my liking, so I used the blending stump to smudge the charcoal and make the grey color more uniform.

I wish I hadn’t done that, because after the smudging it was impossible to erase the charcoal . And erasing the charcoal was the second tip for creating highlights in the drawing.

art 73So, I actually had to deal with that fact and added the next charcoal layer on top of this first layer. Because I wanted the clouds to look soft, I again used the blending stump.

The third tip was to use compressed charcoal, instead of vine charcoal, for the details. The compressed charcoal is made of powdered charcoal, held together with a binder. In this case the binder was wood, art 75so it looked like a penil,.. But apparently I had the cheap compressed charcoal, for there was no possible way to sharpen the tip of the ‘pencil’. I could not even create any point to the ‘pencil’, for the charcoal crumbled too heavily.

That was a bummer. The fourth tip also wasn’t realizable. It told me that the kneaded eraser could be used to create thin, white lines in the drawing. It art 77didn’t. The lines were more than 3 mm thick, so my drawing couldn’t get as detailed as I wanted, plus, the lines weren’t entirely white, because I smudged the first layer of charcoal.

I will continue practicing though, I made some errors, so next time I know how to avoid these, hopefully I will be able to create detailed drawings with charcoal someday.

art 78

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