100 day drawing challenge: failures

Failures,.. but I guess I better should say; lessons. For failures only are failures if you don’t learn anything from them.

The 100 day drawing challenge is not even halfway finished. I’m at the 36th day now. Well; actually I’m on the 37th,.. but I skipped a day,.. I’m still trying to catch up. I know one thing by now: fast drawing isn’t my thing,.. unfortunately,..

Everytime I try to draw fast, I end up with a failure, which I still post on facebook,.. but eventually hide from my timeline.

Want to see some failures? Here they are,.. I will supply the pictures with the lessons learned from the failure.

art 422D scenery which should have been a 3D,.. I was drawing fast and had no real eye for detail. The lines of the roof are not copied exactly. It would have been much better if I had more eye for detail.

art 43This is a reminder that you can’t erase pen,.. so next time I wont draw the horizon on paper just before deciding I want a tree in the forefront.

art 41Big head,.. small body,.. OMG,.. it was supposed to be a perfect drawing,.. I did the outline first,.. like I was taught. But somehow the outline did not show the hydrocephalus I was about to give to Thor,.. Or at least; I did not notice,.. And since I started drawing the body first, and did the head an hour later, when I was tired, and had no much eye for detail left,.. it ended up like this,.. I stopped sketching as soon as I found out,.. which was way too late as you notice,.. Lesson learned: take a better look at the outline and start with the head.

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