100 day drawing challenge: failures


Failures,.. but I guess I better should say; lessons. For failures only are failures if you don’t learn anything from them.

The 100 day drawing challenge is not even halfway finished. I’m at the 36th day now. Well; actually I’m on the 37th,.. but I skipped a day,.. I’m still trying to catch up. I know one thing by now: fast drawing isn’t my thing,.. unfortunately,..

Everytime I try to draw fast, I end up with a failure, which I still post on facebook,.. but eventually hide from my timeline.

Want to see some failures? Here they are,.. I will supply the pictures with the lessons learned from the failure.

art 422D scenery which should have been a 3D,.. I was drawing fast and had no real eye for detail. The lines of the roof are not copied exactly. It would have been much better if I had more eye for detail.

art 43This is a reminder that you can’t erase pen,.. so next time I wont draw the horizon on paper just before deciding I want a tree in the forefront.

art 41Big head,.. small body,.. OMG,.. it was supposed to be a perfect drawing,.. I did the outline first,.. like I was taught. But somehow the outline did not show the hydrocephalus I was about to give to Thor,.. Or at least; I did not notice,.. And since I started drawing the body first, and did the head an hour later, when I was tired, and had no much eye for detail left,.. it ended up like this,.. I stopped sketching as soon as I found out,.. which was way too late as you notice,.. Lesson learned: take a better look at the outline and start with the head.


100 day drawing challenge


So,.. what have I been up to, lately? I told you I graduated a while ago, and so I should have had lots of time to keep up writing my blog. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. I volunteered for several jobs (in a museum and an NGO) and I’m very busy applying for jobs that actually pay the rent, which is a daunting task.

Besides these activities, I also started a 100 day drawing challenge. I thought it would be fun for people to join me; drawing a picture every day. But apparently most people thought that creating a sketch every day for the final100 days of 2014 was too much of a challenge.

Maybe it is,.. I sometimes think it’s hard to find time to sketch, but then again; it relaxes me and I secretly hope that posting a sketch every day will help me gain likes, admirers, followers, fans, recognition,… everything,.. you name it,… which hopefully will help me sell more art. Here you can find some of my sketches:

art 21   art 30  art 24  art 22  art 29  art 25  More pictures on my pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/raqisa/paintings-and-sketches/ and facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/articated.nl