A normative opinion on art?

Most of the city’s in the Netherlands have a museum night. In this night, all the museums are open for public and will offer more than just the usual exposition. For example; a musician, singing about a masterpiece in the museum, or a workshop,… you name it,.. I bet it’s lots of fun! Bet;.. because I sadly never, ever, ever have been to any museum night,..

On saturday the 1st of november, Amsterdam has it’s museum night, and because I am planning to go there for ages, (but like I said; never did,..) I follow the organisation of the Amsterdam museum night on Facebook. This morning, the Amsterdam museum night posted a call to ‘all’ to apply for jury member.

As a member of the jury, you need to be assertive and able to give sound arguments for your opinion. Also; you are allowed (or better yet; expected) to visit 4 museums in the museum night! And since I like to be goal-oriented while visiting museums, and I really, really want to go to this museum night, this year; I applied for the job the way they requested: by tagging my name in their Facebook post.

museumnachtAfter I ‘applied’, I kinda asked myself if I should have added a link to my blog to my ‘application’, because then they would be able to see who I am and what I know/ think about art,.. But,… in my blog I am not really assertive and I don’t allways give sound argumentation for my opinion. I usually describe art I like, and sometimes, write down why I like it. But I basically like every kind of art, so that’s not really assertive behaviour, don’t you think?

So; should I be more assertive on my blog? Should I develop a more normative opinion on art? For a moment, I thought I should, till I openened up this book on creativity: “Creativiteit, geen kunst”, (which literally means; creativity; not art, but better should be translated by: ‘creativity; it’s peanuts’) by Lia Nijman en Jenny de Bode.

The first chapter of the book is a reminder of how our creativity dissapeared, due to education focussed on logic and reason. We can get it back by doing small tasks (described in the book) that focuses on intuition. The book really is about the main notion of art; which is something that should not be ruled by reason or logic. On this, I totally agree, and I’m a bit ashamed that I even considered being more assertive and normative about art. I should not. Art is expressing creativity, and creativity can never be expressed in a wrong way. Therefore, dear readers: I will continue loving and writing about art just the way I always did.

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