Let it look bad!

Today I was reading a really cool book about color theory, when my bf texted me from the gym: I needed to watch tv immediately, for he just discovered a new Bob Ross during cardio. Now this new Bob Ross probably is known by a huge crowd already, but to me he was new.

And funny: Gary Jenkins.

Now here’s leafs,.. But I’m mumbling, I’m not saying HERE’S LEAFS, I’m saying hhhhs l…ff,.. Not leafs, but hhhh,.. Mumble!

Great way of explaining impressionism to a bigger audience! ‘Let it look bad!’ was another exclamation he made while creating wild, easy styled lines on the canvas. Probably with the intention to make us paint, just paint, without any goal-orientation.

In this video I was watching, early in the afternoon, he was painting a vase with roses. And, just like Bob Ross, he could do it within 30 minutes. And just like Bob Ross he’s got one marvelous PR-machine working for him to make sure his brand (because that’s what he is; he’s a brand) sells. I think it’s genius. It’s a wonderful way of earning money while having fun, right? Because painting is fun, and that’s exactly what Gary Jenkins wants you to experience. I wish I’d be that clever, and were able to individuate my name! Well, I’m trying, for I too sell paintings occasionally. But since I’m no impressionist, I can’t finish a painting within 30 minutes,.. most often not even within 30 hours! And on top of that; I really am not capable to put my jolly thoughts in words, while painting. So no big shiny television series for me,.. Bummer,..

But after googling the guy, I found out he not only has his television series. He has books, he has dvd’s, (of course) painting packets, and also, his own Jenkins teacher training program. After following this program, one is a certified Jenkins master art teacher. How cool is that? Would I ever consider becoming one? ** no!! hahahaha,.. I love being rare,.. And copying or being copied does not exactly imply being rare,..

But the paintings are really nice though, and amazingly cheap too! Only 300 or 350 dollars per painting. But, if you think about it: he creates them within 30 minutes. If he would work 8 hours a day, he would be able to earn at least 4,8 k per day! Only by painting! No one can deny this guy deserves to be honored.

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